New technologies & innovation

After spending several years working in international law firms, Yves Sexer founded his own Law Firm in 1997 just when the internet and new technologies began to emerge.

Putting the experience he gained in matters relating to company law and commercial and financial litigation to the service of companies and start-ups explains why many clients have remained loyal to our Firm throughout the years (including long-standing clients from the beginning such as a publisher of CRM software, an affiliation platform, an on-line sales platform, investors in new technologies and bio-tech).

Companies in financial difficulty and critical situations

Practicing business law focused on companies in financial difficulty as a member of international law firms where Yves Sexer was more particularly in charge of restructuring several LBO transactions has also allowed our Firm to support clients in critical situations including when the internet bubble burst and after the financial crisis.

Daily practice and a great familiarity with the Commercial Courts allow our Firm to support companies and their leaders in all types of conflict situations.

A Results-driven Culture

Marceau Avocats’ experience focused on SMEs and very small businesses means that the members of our Firm are experts in critical situations from both a financial and legal standpoint in all areas of business law. We have a highly results-driven culture and always search for the most effective solution when it comes to providing advice and services to our clients.

Cross-cutting practice in business law - providing counsel and litigation services

Marceau Avocats asserts the importance of a cross-cutting approach to business law, offering our clients - mainly SMEs and business leaders - a very high level of efficient services.

Our litigation practice is a daily source of inspiration for the business advice we offer our clients.


Marceau Avocats offers fee agreements, either based on a flat rate where appropriate or based on time devoted to the case when the situation involved does not make it possible to determine in advance all of the services that will be necessary.

The hourly rates charged range from between 160 Euros to 400 Euros (not including VAT) depending on the attorney’s experience and the difficulties involved in the case.

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